Evo Traffic | Advertiser FAQs
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Advertiser FAQs

Advertiser Frequently Asked Questions:


How Do I Create An Advertiser Account With Evo Traffic?
You can create an account here at https://cp.evotraffic.com/#/signup

Once you have done signed up, you can log in to the platform to start creating advertising campaigns and deposit funds using Paypal or Wire Transfer


How Do I Create A Campaign?
On your dashboard along the top there is a ‘Campaigns’ tab where you can add a new campaign here.

You can create Popunder, Display or Native Ad Campaigns here.


What Targeting Options Are Available?
Country Targeting – 196 to choose from
Technology Targeting – including Operating System and Browser
Time Targeting – choose to run your campaigns on certain times of the week
Carrier Targeting – e.g. Vodafone
Frequency Capping – visits per IP per day


What Countries Do You Have Traffic In?
Traffic in over 196 countries.


Which Countries Have The Most Volume?
We cannot provide an accurate amount as volume / traffic is always fluctuating. We should always have enough traffic inventory for most advertiser needs.


What Are Your Macros?
Please see below list of our macros, you will also see a link to all of these macros listed in the advert creation page.

Here is the list of available macros:

[CLICK_ID] – returns a unique click ID
[MACMD5] – returns Mac MD5 hash
[IFA] – returns a device IFA
[PUB_IAB_CAT] – returns the publisher IAB category
[HTTP_REFERRER] – returns HTTP referrer of the visitor
[DOMAIN] – returns the domain name
[IMPRESSION_ID] – returns a unique impression ID
[USER_ID] – returns a unique ID of the visitor
[WINNING_PRICE] – returns winning price of the impression
[CAMPAIGN_ID] – returns a unique campaign ID in our system
[CREATIVE_ID] – returns a unique creative ID in our system
[SSP_ID] – returns a unique SSP ID
[PUBLISHER_ID] – returns a unique ID of the publisher that can contain several websites
[SITE_ID] – returns a unique website ID
[PLACEMENT_ID] – returns a unique ad placement ID
[COUNTRY] – returns a country name
[SOURCE_ID] – returns a unique ID of the traffic source consisting of publisher ID + “:” + site ID + “:” + placement ID
[KEYWORD] – returns a keyword (if any)
[UNENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] – Returns unencoded click redirect
[ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] – Returns encoded click redirect
[DBL – ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] – Returns double encoded click redirect
[RANDOM_NUMBER] – Returns a random number
[BID_ID] – Returns unique bid ID

Please pass click ID – [CLICK_ID] – in one of the available UTM parameters to avoid clicks discrepancy.

Example: http://domain.com/?utm_source=[SOURCE_ID]&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=dsp&utm_content=[CLICK_ID]


What Ad Units Are Available?
Display Banner Ads – all popular banner sizes
Native Ads


What are SUBIDs?
SUBIDs is what allows you to optimize your campaigns, each SUBID represents a website that is part of our network where your advert is shown. You can pull reports on our platform to determine which SUBID is bringing you conversions, and which ones are not. From there you have ability to whitelist or blacklist SUBIDs which allows you to maximize your spending on the placements that is performing for you.


How can I track ad conversions?
You can use either image pixel or S2S (server-to-server pixel) or postback request to track conversions.


What Payments Do you Accept?
We accept PayPal, Stripe Card Payments or Bank Wire transfer payments.


What is the Minimum Deposit?
$25 USD.


What Is The Approval Process for Adverts?
Adverts are usually approved and activated within 24 hours, but usually much quicker than that. As long as ads are within our allowed advertising guidelines, they will get approved.

If your advert is rejected it could be for one of the following reasons:
Terms and Conditions violation
Advert or landing page does not load properly or a blank advert
Targeting is not selected


Why Is My Advert Not Getting Any Ad Impressions?

Make sure that the campaign is active in the settings
Check the targeting criteria
Your account has low funds balance
Campaign start date might be set for the future
Bid rate is too low – try increasing the bid

If you need help please contact us.


What Is Your Minimum CPM / CPV Bid?
The minimum bid depends on if it is banner or full page advert, and the country you are targeting. You can see the minimum bids on the advert creation page.


What Is The Average Bid?
The average bid fluctuates frequently so there is no clear answer we can provide here. If you like the inventory, you should raise the bid to get more traffic and better rotation which can yield higher results.


How Can I Get More Traffic?
If you are not receiving the amount of traffic that you want, try increasing your CPM or CPV rate, as your bid rate might be too low and thus other buyers are bidding higher and winning the traffic. Our ad network works on an auction model where advertisers bid for placement, so for competitive geos you may need to bid higher to get sufficient volumes of traffic.


What Type Of Reporting Do You Offer?
Our comprehensive reporting system allows you to retrieve summary and detailed reports very easily, plus you can choose an appropriate date range.


Where Are You Located?
Our head office is in the United Kingdom.

Need Help?


If you need help with anything please email us at info@evotraffic.com and we will be very happy to answer any questions for you, plus help you set up and manage your ad campaigns if you need assistance.